1. 5 O’ Level credit passes in not more than two sittings which include Mathematics, English Language, Physics or Chemistry, Biology or Health Science and any other subject.
  2. Two recent passport photographs


  1. 5 O’ Level credit passes as stated for the Professional Diploma Programme



  1. 5  O’ Level credit passes as for National Diploma
  2. National Diploma Certificate
  3. Professional License Part 1
  4. Evidence of one(1) year Industrial practice in an health institution approved by the Board
  5. Health Technician/Professional Diploma with minimum of a Lower Credit.
  6. A candidate with Merit/Pass must have two years working experience

NB: Indexing of Students for each academic session starts in 1st September and closes 31st March of the following year.

Late indexing, (within a period of three months) attracts an extra fee of N2,000 per student. Indexing for a session closes in June. Re-indexing has been abolished. Schools are allowed to admit two streams of 35 students ONLY in each academic session. Only students that meet the academic requirements shall be indexed. Schools are therefore advised to adhere strictly to the admission requirements.  Any student not indexed by June shall be indexed against next academic session as first year student.

Following are the requirements for indexing a student:

  1. Indexing fee of N10,300
  2. The credentials of the students
  3. Two recent passport photographs
  4. Index form filled and signed by the student, which the later the HOD of the Department (HIM) later peruses and sign.

Index number will be issued to candidate that meets the Board requirements.

Indexed student will be issued with the following:

  1. A copy of the curriculum
  2. A copy of the Professional Ethics and
  3. A copy of the Enabling Law

Please note that the index number serves as an identification tool and also will serve as examination number for all Board’s Licensing Examinations.